Posted 2 days ago

so we gave damian a raccoon
they both have a hoarding problem so the family will usually find all the snack foods they stole under the floorboards of their room

Posted 1 week ago

buckshot freckles and inappropriate clothing for winter

Posted 1 week ago

the senior art show is coming up, so im churning out pieces

this one has an inverted design as well (or somewhat along that line) but im just done with this one first ^^

Posted 3 weeks ago

this blogs been on a hiatus for a few weeks and im sorry about that ;;v;; i have some sketches ill post tomorrow, so stick around ;;;v;;;

Posted 1 month ago

shetdoodle of a fucking nerd

Posted 1 month ago

honnouji homies gonna fuck u up

Posted 1 month ago

devas and vinegar chips on a cold Friday morninggg

Posted 1 month ago
Will you draw nocturnal or Mara?
Anonymous asked

oh yes. id love to do all the daedric princes, and I’ve been thinking about Nocturnal’s design for a while.

maybe I’ll dabble in Aedra too; I love mara, dibella, and talos. but you can be sure Nocturnal will be up sometime soon :>

Posted 1 month ago

lately tumblr likes to eat half my posts

so i might do hermaeus mora next??? or sheogorath

ive already done:

and vaermina

so its about time i drew some man-daedra “:>

give me a suggestion ;;; ;;;

Posted 1 month ago

so im just gonna go ahead and draw all the daedric princes my way because fack ye it gives me a little goal thing to complete (even though me and goals dont get along ehhe)

this ones meridia
who is also my favorite prince