Posted 3 days ago

went through an old sketchbook today and I found this???? I don’t think I even uploaded it here. I think it’s cute.

Posted 5 days ago

found some black art paper and a white gel pen and decided to indulge my love of assassins creed and conspiracy theories

Posted 1 week ago

i hope these two just hug it out when all the fighting is over
that is, if they’re both still alive

Posted 1 week ago

this turned out different than I thought it would„„

Posted 2 weeks ago

a kid at my 4th of july pool party asked me to draw him a rainbow creeper :yyy

Posted 2 weeks ago
Thank god, somebody who knew about Ribbit King before Game Grumps!
beekirby asked
and now im a college kid and revisiting old stuff
it’s still a pretty solid game
and the characters are just so goddamn precious <:y my sister actually asked me to quickly do sparky and whoosh like that but kinda should draw it better just so im satisfied>
Posted 2 weeks ago

has anyone ever played ribbitking

Posted 2 weeks ago

i haven’t drawn shiemi and oroan in a loooong time
i will be cranking out many drawings over the summer as to not lose myself in laziness >:2

Posted 2 weeks ago

i’m sorry art blog followers ; ;
i was in alaska for almost 2 weeks and i literally drew nothing except last night, when i watched like 3 pokemon movies

which explains the human!swords of justice

Posted 1 month ago

markering after just doing pencils for like a month